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What Are Biscotti?

A convenient, portable, and durable staple for the Roman Legions. A sugared and spiced banquet food for the wealthy during the Renaissance. Today, biscotti are an everyday, any time delight enjoyed all over the world.

Biscotti are slightly-sweetened, twice-baked, plain or flavored, crisp and thin slices of bread. Narrowly-shaped, they are baked, cooled, sliced, and baked again at a lower temperature until they are dry and crisp.

Sweets, spices, nuts, and dried fruits allow for a near limitless number of biscotti flavors. And the addition or subtraction of baking powder, butter, oil, and eggs are often used to change the texture.

In Italy, biscotti are a traditional breakfast food served with milk enhanced with coffee, cocoa, or barley; or a dessert dunked in a glass of Vin Santo, an Italian dessert wine.

Whether its breakfast, dessert, or a snack, biscotti are a great treat for many occasions, especially holidays. Try them today by themselves or dunked in your choice of beverage- milk, coffee, tea, hot chocolate or wine.

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Biscotti Tips, Hints, and Ideas

Here are just a few recommendations to help you when baking, storing, and serving your biscotti:

Preparing Biscotti

  • After the first bake be sure to let the log cool for a few minutes
  • Make deliberate, firm cuts of your slices to prevent crumbling
  • Place your slices cut-side down during the second bake to keep your biscotti crispy
  • For chocolate or dried fruit biscotti, place slices upright, you just want them to dry during the second bake

Serving Biscotti

  • Serve biscotti at breakfast or brunch with milk, coffee, or tea
  • Dunk biscotti in a Vin Santo wine or hot chocolate for dessert
  • Crumble biscotti over ice cream or frozen yogurt
  • Serve biscotti with gelato
  • Use your biscotti in a tiramisu recipe

Storing Biscotti

  • Store your biscotti in an air-tight container at room temperature and they will last for a couple weeks
  • Placing biscotti in a paper bag at room temperature for a couple of days can soften biscotti that is too dry
  • Let chocolate-frosted biscotti sit at room temperature and harden before refrigerating to avoid a grayish-white chocolate color
  • Wrap biscotti tightly in parchment paper and place in a freezer bag to freeze and they will last up to a month
  • Reheating biscotti for 10 to 15 minutes at 300 degrees can freshen your biscotti's flavor
How to slice or cut biscotti Refrigerating chocolate glazed biscotti Store biscotti in an air-tight container or tin